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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reluctant entrant to the moblie age..

We took receipt of 3 HP iPAQ hw6965 PDA’s here @ Sydney Institute this Month. I have been chosen to participate in the ANT trial to see how we can use the technology to support teaching and learning online.

Now despite being a self confessed technology geek I have resisted owning a mobile phone till this point. Figure I am on line 24/7 via the Internet so why pay more for the mobile network where you get fleeced by telcos charging exorbitant rates for access. I have been mobile for a while, Laptop with sype credit, wifi @ home etc. I figure why pay twice to accedes the same network at 100th of the speed on crappy stripped down browsers on tiny screens.

Well things change and the planned upgrade to the 3g network in OZ to HSDPA made me think perhaps the mobile network might now start to be of some use.

So I made a new years resolution that 2007 would be my year of getting onto the mobile network and exploring the mlearning field. I was looking at the new Nokia N95 gps, map nav, wifi, 3g HSDPA and a 5 mega pixel camera.

The arrival of the iPAQ has somewhat pre empted this, and it’s not 3g and the camera is a tad crappy but meets all the other criteria of what I was looking for in a mobile device.

So I went out and purchased 3 prepaid sims cards from Telstra (all of $3) and enabled the service for GPRS and MMS, a tricky job in itself. Should see the email Telstra sent me to manually configure the phone for their networks as the phone was not listed on their list of phones which could be automatically configured on the network. (turned out the generic settings sent are working fine) All looks to be working fine now, but gee does it churn though credit, I am on my second $50 refill and have spend less than ½ online. Installed Skye, Opera and have a 2 G Micro SD card coming so I can get some mapping software installed.

Slowly getting my head around all the mobile discourse gprs, edge, enhanced edge, gps, mms …. good grief I though web2.0 was bad for jargon :>

Looking forward to getting my teeth into a project where I can explore the potentiality of the device as a teaching and learning tool.

My new number is on my skype profile for those who want to connect.

Will blog my journey ..


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