Teaching and Learning in a networked world

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Welcome team members!

Hi and welcome the team blog for the 2006 NSW LearnScope project “Teaching and Learning in a networked world”


This Sydney Institute LearnScope project will seek to engage key management stakeholders in exploring the potential of web2.0 services for the VTE environment to improve work practices and enhance the flexibility and quality of educational delivery. The core project team will include participants drawn from management, administration, libraries and knowledge management, learning and innovation, educational planning and delivery, Institute Technology Services Unit (ITSU), and teachers (full time and part time).

This project seeks to engage management and educational decision makers in the debate around web2.0 and the networked learning model. Web2.0 tools are being used by teachers and students on the fringes of the institute’s formal eLearning framework and there is a need for dialog between net-gen learners and their teachers on the one hand and the predominately digital immigrant management on the other. We also hope to demonstrate that this will address the Institute’s business plan by increasing flexibility and quality of educational delivery in cost and time effective ways.

It will also forge strong links with partner RTO’s, community organisations, LearnScope teams, Reframing the Future teams, Australian Flexible Learning Framework national eLearning networks, and other relevant online educational networks.

Distributed Networking model

The project will utilise a distributed networking model to participate in online learning communities. We will encourage team members to contribute to the learning network through their choice of one or more social software presence ie blog, wiki, start page.

Project Spaces


frappr map

Edna group

Project tag for distributed networks ie photosharing, social bookmarking

Networking Partnerships

We will encourage all project members to actively participate in the following network communities.

NSW LearnScope

TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute, National Networks project "Connected Learning Community"

TAFE NSW, Illawarra Institute, 2006 LearnScope project “teacherConnect”

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