Teaching and Learning in a networked world

Friday, October 12, 2007

I have joined the legions of tweaters

image by cc_chapman

The network effect overcame me last night and I have joined the twitterverse. Not entirely sure why as have resisted it for some time since I first heard about early this year in the twit podcast. No connection to twitter BTW. I guess like many I thought ..

What's the point
Already am on information overload don't need anymore
it's the final dumbing down of the blogging movement
I can't write a blog post less than 500 words what hope I have of 140 characters

I was reading a Techcrunch titled "Twitter + Second Life = Spontaneous Web Meetspace" and it got me thinking about the whole idea of dipping in and out of the flow of networked sociation. Connecting to participate in a momentary conversation and then leaving. Something not uncommon in virtual worlds such as second life.

Anyway for better or worse, probably the later I have begun my viral journey with twitter.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Berkeley University Lectures Now on YouTube

I could not help but see the irony in this, Berkeley University, California has a collection of it's lectures on youtube, actually quite a few as it turns out, over 300 hours of video on it's own channel. DET NSW offcourse blocks youtube to all it's staff and students, which for many of us who champion open networked learning is indicative of an educational institution out of touch with the times and it's gen C customers.
The irony I refer to here is the lectures being broadcast from Berkeley show a form of teaching practice I though had ended in the early 1960's. This is the real thing, "talk and chalk", "sage on the stage" stuff .... On youtube they may be, but their teaching practice seems frozen in time ...